Friday, January 31, 2014

PATLIB UK in 2014

Good News! The PATLIB blog is back and what's more you'll be hearing a lot more from us in 2014.

It has been a while since we posted on this blog and we thought we would start a new series of posts for 2014 to give people a flavour of the kind of things we hard working business and intellectual property librarians get up to.

Public libraries have always been an invaluable source of information and guidance on a whole host of subjects but not everyone associates libraries with business and intellectual property support.

Well, this series of blog posts is intended to right this wrong and give readers a better idea of what is happening in PATLIB libraries across the UK. Every month we will publish a post from one of the thirteen libraries in the PATLIB UK network to give an insight into what we get up to.

There will be other treats along the way including; a post from our long serving outgoing chair Maria Lampert, a piece by the new chair Luke Burton as well as various pieces on the intellectual property stories and topics that have caught our eye.

So enough about what will be coming, lets kick off our series in true library style i.e. alphabetical order with a posting from our friends at Aberdeen PATLIB.


2014 by artisrams is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Aberdeen PATLIB - New Year, New Resources 

The advent of 2014 and a brand new year has found us in Aberdeen City Libraries welcoming the addition of two new premium sources to our selection of business electronic resources. Our Business Information Service is now privileged to be able to provide our users access to both Mint UK by Bureau Van Dijk and British Standards Online (BSOL). 

BSOL is accessible in all our libraries and also remotely to our library members. Mint UK is accessible to members of the public in our Central Library Information Centre. 

It’s been an excellent start to the year. There is so much for us to look forward to especially with the imminent refurbishment of our Central Library Information Centre floor and the exciting challenge of promoting our business and intellectual property resources and services both old and new to our users and non users. 

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this month’s Business Training for PATLIBs course at the IPO Offices in Newport, Wales. We attendees were royally treated and made to feel very welcome. The course presenter, Uday Thakkar of the social enterprise company Red Ochre proved to be an excellent and entertaining speaker. Most certainly, I found the course contents to be relevant & informative and feel that they will prove very useful in assisting our enquirers. 

It was brilliant also to be able to catch up with and meet for the first time colleagues from other PATLIBs attending the course.
Joy McGrimmond
Aberdeen PATLIB

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