Thursday, May 1, 2008

Searchable UK Official Journal

From the end of May the British Library's annual cumulative card
index of British patent applications announced in the official journal,
arranged by applicant, will no longer be updated.

This is because the new Searchable Patents Journal online at
allows searching of UK application announcements by applicant or
title over the entire period since the commencement of the Searchable
Journal (beginning of this year).

The current card index for the last five years will remain available to
readers here but will no longer be updated.

(Note for those unaware of the subject: in the UK brief title and
applicant details for patent applications are announced in the official
journal within five weeks of the application being filed, regardless of
whether it is likely to be actually published as a full A spec. This is
sometimes referred to as an A0 publication)

Philip Eagle BIPC

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