Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Plymouth PATLIB announces.....The One Stop Ideas Shop


Specialist information and guidance on protecting a business idea or product is on offer at the University of Plymouth’s Formation Zone – and experienced researchers will even check patents online with you.

Formation Zone - the exciting and innovative facility for artistic and creative business start-ups - is staging a series of One Stop Ideas Shop events bringing together the necessary expertise that can help businesses guard against intellectual property theft and learn how to go about getting a patent.

The events are open to anyone, not just from the artistic and creative sector and include the chance to talk through ideas in a confidential setting, receive guidance about how to protect those ideas and also to find out if there is potential for a business opportunity.

They are a brand new opportunity for individuals and businesses in the South West to receive support and guidance from experts in the field including PATLIB UK, whose staff will be on hand to offer assisted patent, trade mark or design searches online

Experts from the University of Plymouth, Business Link, NJ Akers & Co Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys and Tamar Science Park will also be available at the One Stop Ideas Shop
The events will be held in Formation Zone at the University of Plymouth on the following dates:

· Monday 19th May 4-7pm
· Thursday 3rd July 4-7pm
· Monday 15th September 4-7pm.

Mari Revill Plymouth PATLIB 2.05.08


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