Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chris Brown Retirement

It was with great pleasure, and just a little sadness, that Stef Stephenson and I traveled to Manchester on 20th May to attend Chris Browns retirement party. We presented Chris with a gift from PATLIB UK, a Turquoise necklace and earring set , together with a spoof patent application put together by Ged. Both were greatly appreciated by Chris as were the cards containing the good luck messages from members of PATLIB UK.

Chris has always been a very a staunch supporter and active member of the network and did terms as Secretary and as Chair. Her support when I took over the Chair was invaluable and her presence at Conference and at the PATLIB AGM will be sorely missed.

Chris has asked me to pass on the following message to you all;

"I should like to express my gratitude to you all for the good wishes you sent for my retirement and the lovely gift - I will think of you whenever I wear them. My last day at work was made even more memorable by Maria and Stef who turned up just to make sure I was really going! The spoof patent, drafted by Ged, was the icing on the cake - he has definitely missed his way - should be writing for Private Eye.
I'm looking forward to emerging from the wallpaper stripping and decorating, which I'm currently in the middle of, in time for July 17th when I shall be doing a zip wire for a local charity over the waters in Salford Quays. If you would like to support or just have a laugh at the pictures afterwards this is the website The following day I shall be welcoming a Russian mother and child into my home for 10 days( assuming I have survived the zip wire relatively intact) as part of the Chernobyl Children's Project. So... fairly busy at the moment and then in November I'm hoping to visit my daughter who is travelling round Australia with her boyfriend. Quite a full year ahead to look forward to. Thanks once again to you all."

We wish Chris well for the future and just hope she remembers to hold on tight to that zip wire!


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Graham Barker said...

Best wishes to Christine. I knew her over several years as the lynchpin of Manchester Inventors Group, and she is unfailingly pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. Note the present tense. She's one of those people for whom the word retirement seems wholly inappropriate. The inventor community will miss her expertise, so maybe it can invent some way of coaxing her in due course back into the fold.