Friday, August 6, 2010

Useful site for patent searchers new and old!

One of our one time regular patent readers from the 'good old days' came in today - a chap by the name of Marcus Bates. He now is an independent patent searcher but in his spare time he has put together a web-site with a list of really useful IP (and business) links and resources:

It is certainly worth checking out.

This is what Marcus says about the site;

"The site is a free web-links directory site, which I created for my own use, and that of other searchers. Over the last year I have nearly 10,000 hits. I update nearly every month, and check links on a monthly basis, when possible. I expanded the site, to include anything a person new to IP would need, and have included sections for people who are starting a new business. I also have included links for students and academics, who might need IP services. The site was originally designed to fill the void left by the British Library website redesign. There used to be a good page of links on the British library IP section for searchers and other users. I run the site with the ads paying for the hosting and domain etc. The site does not run at a profit, or at least hasn't so far. It is also mentioned on the links page at the EPO website. I am a freelance searcher and regularly use my site for searching. It is very handy for searching on other peoples computers, and it is also useful when I advise people about searching, as I can suggest links and know where they can find the links. I can add sections or links, when people email me, as I have for various companies and websites."

If anyone has any other useful links which they feel should be included Marcus is happy to receive them.


Maria Lampert
British Library

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