Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World IP Day

Better late than never, here are details of the display put together by Duncan and myself for World IP Day on Saturday 26th April. We decided that the display should contain items that not only exemplify IPR, but are also linked in some way to Birmingham. We felt that this might encourage users to take a look and also enforce the idea that IPR are in everything we use.

Subsequently we used the Hudson whistle (police and football) and the rollerskate as examples of patents originating in Birmingham. We were fortunate enough to receive 3 19th Century whistles for the duration of the exhibition from Hudsons; we also provided copies of the original patent document for both of these inventions. To exemplify copyright, we exhibited an original vinyl copy of Duran Duran's first album alongside a copy of Jonathan Coe's 'The Rotters Club' and 'Nice Work' by David Lodge. Trade marks were covered by Birds Custard and Brylcreem; whilst we used the Austin Mini as evidence of unregistered design right.

All of the artifacts were supported by information on their history and also IPR. The display was in a prominent public area for one week.

Birmingham Central Library

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