Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hello all,

Our first blog from Birmingham (thanks Chris!). A user has recently requested whether we can install electronic filing software for WO patents from the WIPO website http://www.wipo.int/pct-safe/en/index.html . Although I see no real problem with this, I am wondering whether any fellow Patlib's have used the sofware and what their experience has been.

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PATLIB UK said...

Hello Matthew,

Re:- WIPO e-filing software

I downloaded the software and became 'Mrs Inventor'after reading your posting to the blog. The size of the download is reasonable - 64MB and is fairly fast. The software itself is easy to use and if you forget or omit to complete any items a reminder pops up to let you know so it should be easy for inventors etc to use.

My main reservation is that by offering it at the PATLIBs we would be opening ourselves to all sorts of possible tricky questions which are better answered by patent attorneys etc.

Here at the BL, I think, for the moment we will continue telling people it is available, but not offer access to it in the reading rooms especially as it is apparently so easy to access at home.


Maria Lampert
British Library

PATLIB UK said...

Hello Maria,

Many thanks for your reply. Duncan and I both agree with your assesment of this software. We could find ourselves open to both legal and technical questions which we are unable to answer. Similarly, if a problem occurs with filing then we may be held accountable. Lastly, we do not file any other IPR in any form and using this software would set a precedence.


Birmingham Central Library