Monday, November 19, 2007

Changes to UKIPO trade mark search

The official British trade marks database at has been revamped. As of today.

The old "beta search" option has now become the default format, so that searches can be for within phrases (so that Manchester United will be picked up by a search for "teruni" as that is within the words).

There is also the possibility of searching by Vienna Classification for e.g. the appearance of a mountain. This can be combined with a word. You click through the boxes, as with the design database, to identify the relevant classes. If the user is uncertain the Classification itself has to be used, at . I don’t think there is a link to it on the site.

Advice is supplied on how to do these things on the right hand side. Useful, if a little limited.

The hitlists include images even if words were asked for (some marks contain both elements).

My only slight quibble is that you have to remember to select Image at the top if you want an image, otherwise it assumes a word search is going on when you select a Vienna class. An error message then appears.


Steve van Dulken
British Library

"FYI - The new revamped database also allows you to 'add' selected trademarks to a 'pick list' along the lines of the 'my patents list' in Espacenet - Maria"

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